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Couscous Line

Couscous: an agglomerated and precooked durum semolina-based product but also produced with soft wheat and/or hard wheat semolina. This type of product comes from the north of Africa (Maghreb region), a fast-growing reality in the world, and it is becoming a staple food like pasta, rice or potatoes, thanks to its easy preparation. It does not need to be cooked and it is prepared in 5 minutes by simple rehydration.
couscous production line flow diagram

Dosing system, mixer and rotary selector

A specific semolina and water dosing system, combined with the action of the new TURBOMIX high speed mixer, allows the making of a homogenous moist dough, which is ready for the next phase of selection of the couscous dimension (fine, medium and large).

The selection of the desired type of couscous (fine, medium and large) happens in the rotary selector. The new design of quick-change sieving meshes, entirely manufactured in stainless steel, together with an internal movement of the couscous with spiral motion, guarantee a perfect selection.

Dosing System and mixing tank. The latter feeds by gravity the Rotary Selector placed below
Mixing tank
Rotary selector (rouleuse)

Steam cooker

The steam cooker is provided with a new low-pressure steam spreading system, to ensure a uniform and deep cooking of the couscous. The conveyor belt of the steam cooker is manufactured in self-cleaning PIK, perfect for high temperature.

Steam cooker

Rotary sieve and rotary dryer

The rotary sieve prevents sticking/outsized couscous grains from reaching the dryer. Completely manufactured in stainless steel with interchangeable meshes, this device transfers the grains of couscous that do not meet the standards to the regrinding system, without any losses of products or scraps.

The mechanical movement of the central shaft of the rotary dryer allows a controlled rotation of the drum, therefore producing an effective ventilation in every single zone. Drum rotation allows a continuous movement of the product inside the dryer, ensuring a perfect homogeneity of the moist products, which is a key requirement for couscous production.

Rotary Dryer

Process automation

ARS (AXOR Remote Service) is the automation and supervision system completely developed by AXOR.

Automation with ARS

Capacity and dimensions

couscous production line dimensions
Output capacity (Kg/h) H (mm) L (mm) P (mm)
500 7100 25200 3310
700 7100 26700 3310
1200 7500 35200 3310
1800 7850 40500 4800
Full-length video of a Couscous Line
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